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Start with the Insights

If you don’t have the right input, you’ll never get the right output

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It all starts with the brief

And the brief better be informed by diverse perspectives.

That’s how you get to insights and strategies that truly reflect the audience. How do we get there?

Diverse Focus Groups

Talk to a diverse and inclusive range of people in focus groups, interviews or other research.

Listen, Don’t Assume

Really listen to what people in your research say rather than making assumptions based on our own experiences.

Check Your Sources

Watch for bias in secondary research sources.

Diverse Team

Have a diverse strategy team because different people will see the same insights through different cultural lenses.

Diversity Checks

Build diversity checks into the strategic process to make sure we’re authentically representing an array of people.

Will this take longer than if you didn’t care about diversity?

Maybe at first, but the extra effort will make your strategy that much stronger.

Briefs that paint a full and authentic picture of the consumer give creatives deeper insights to push against and make the work better.

Want to know more about the people we’re trying to reach with our ads?

Ask your strategist. They have access to helpful research.


Do your research from the beginning

You need to know what could go wrong so you can get it right.

Think about the accounts you work on and the people your client is trying to reach.

  • Are there particular stereotypes you need to be careful to avoid?
  • How can you counterbalance those stereotypes?
  • Has your brand made missteps in the past?
  • What about other brands in the same space?

Everyone should be thinking about these questions, but it’s especially important if you’re in a leadership position. And don’t just rely on “me-search.” Do some actual research.

Make this discussion part of onboarding when new people join your team. Use concrete examples of what not to do. Talk about these questions during briefings or if your team just needs a refresher.


Diversity is Good for Business


Group Identities