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Get Diverse Perspectives

Diversity is everyone’s job

Improving diversity, equity and inclusion is not the job of one person or department. If we don’t all work at it, it won’t work.

To be the best at what we do, we need everyone’s voice. And we all need to listen.

This is not the time to be complacent or cling to what we’ve always done.

It’s the time to build the agency we all want to work for.

The right people

Make sure the right people are in the room

We need people with different perspectives. It’s not about checking boxes. Diverse perspectives just make the work better.

It’s tempting to bring in people who remind us of ourselves. But it doesn’t add much to the team. We’re already here.

Yes, sometimes a different perspective will be about having different interests and knowledge. But it should go deeper than that too. We need people on our teams who fundamentally experience the world in different ways than we do and who see the things we don’t.

None of us want to make ads that make people say things like, “Wasn’t there a woman in the room?” or “Did no Black people see this before it came out?” or “Wow, guess no one there speaks Spanish.”

Bottom line: We want to make great work.

That’s tough if everyone in the room thinks the same way. We don’t know what we don’t know. We can’t see what we can’t see. So we need truly diverse teams creating, reviewing and producing the work. A token woman or person of color isn’t enough.

Each person on the team needs to be empowered to bring their full self to the work and culturally fluent enough to think critically about that work.


You can’t fake it until you make it

All agencies try to put their best foot forward during pitches. That might mean sprucing up the office and maybe even renting some nice furniture so the place looks modern and cool.

Far too often, it also means a person of color or woman gets pulled in to sit in the meeting so the agency looks more diverse. (This was even a plot point in the first episode of “Mad Men”. And it’s still happening.)

In truth, we have been guilty of this.

We will no longer be guilty of this.

Our coworkers are not furniture. Do not treat them like that.

If you think you need certain demographics in the meeting, then you need them on your team.

You need them doing the work, sharing their perspectives, leading and feeling valued—from the beginning.

The end.


Our employee groups are here for you

Employee resource and affinity groups are designed to be:

  • Advocates for a community that is underrepresented and/or has not had a voice at the agency.
  • Ambassadors to new/potential employees.
  • Amplifiers who celebrate the community.

We currently have groups for employees who are LGBTQ+ (and their allies), Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Jewish, female-identifying, under 35, parents and for those with a disability (and their allies).

Reach oUt

If you’d like to join one of these groups but don’t know how, reach out to our Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.


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