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Cultural Appropriation

Think about where you get your inspiration


Cultural appreciation or appropriation?

Cultural appropriation is using an element of another culture for some kind of benefit (sales, status, etc.), especially without crediting the people who created that culture, making them part of what you’re doing and sharing the benefit. This is especially problematic when that element is sacred (e.g., White models in Native American headdresses).

Are you an invader, a tourist or a guest?

Diantha Day Sprouse uses a travel analogy that helps us think about how we’re approaching a community that’s not our own.


Invaders arrive without warning, take whatever they want and use it however they see fit.


Tourists pay their way but can be careless. Best case, they’re honest about being outsiders and ask for directions. Some become guests.


Guests are invited. Their relationships with their hosts can become long-term, often reciprocal commitments.

Becoming a guest takes work:

  • Do your homework so you can be a good partner.
  • Collaborate, compensate and credit.
  • Even if you have the best intentions, you and your brand might never be invited in by certain communities. Don’t just barge in.


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