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Core Values
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Does your work live up to GSD&M’s Core Values?

It takes all of us

Are the right people in the room?

Who’s missing?

Is my team empowered to speak up?

Are we getting enough feedback from diverse enough sources?

Are we truly taking that feedback into consideration?

What don’t I know?

Do I know enough about who we’re trying to reach?

Are we talking to them in a way that actually reaches them or simply the way we’ve always talked to them?

Do I know enough about relevant cultural sensitivities to catch things that might be problematic?

Diversity is an advantage
for us all

Is there an opportunity for work that breaks barriers?

Is this work “First & Only”? Does it set a new bar?

Does this work help or hurt our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts?

Are we talking to a diverse-enough audience?

It’s in your hands

Have I done everything I can to make sure this work is diverse and representative?

Have I set expectations around diversity with my team?

Are we showing diverse, fully formed humans in these ads? Or are we relying on stereotypes?

Our inside has to
match our outside

Am I being a good ambassador for GSD&M?

How am I treating the people on my team?

Am I open to getting feedback when I mess up?

Am I continually looking for ways to get better?

Keep looking for
ways to get better

How could we screw this up as we move into casting, production and editing?

What needs to happen so we get it right?

What cultural context do we need to pay attention to?

What could I do better?

What will I do better?




Defining Diversity, Equity & Inclusion